Our Approach

We are a group of experienced technicians, consultants and business solutions services provider registered under Cameroon company law with our head office based in Douala as KFT Magnet Cameroon Ltd.

Our functions are in harmony with section 26 of law no 92/007 of 14th August 1992 bearing on the labour code and degree 93/570 of 15th July 1993. We have realized that working with your company would give us the opportunity to build or create an injury free work place.

We are very convinced that working with you, we would leave you with excellent customer satisfaction. We are confident we would offer to you the most efficient and quantitative services you deserve in all our domains of competence. Our major activities ranges from manpower supply, technical assistance, general maintenance, civil engineering, construction works and general supplies.

As we look forward in doing ethical business with you as we always focus on our core corporate philosophy “we deliver what we promise”. We operate with total adherence to this core philology.