Oilfield services

Oilfield Services

KFT is unique logistics service provider for both the oils and mining industries including most of the subcontractors acting for oil and mining companies.
KFT will appreciate the opportunity to assist in the pre-qualification process for any project activity, KFT with its proven methodology and HSEQ procedures and plans, its computerized management systems and up to date reviewable documents, and its vast experience in this field can be of great help in tender submissions, thus providing immediate professionalism in these areas. In addition to all other classical services, when it comes to oil and mining project services the following services are worth mentioning:

♦ Inventory control

♦ Supply Boat Service

♦Offshore and onshore waste management

♦ Mobilization and demobilization services

♦ Base and Technical Management

♦ Ground transport and transit of equipment for the oil and gas industry

♦ Support Services

♦ Qualified manpower recruitment

♦ Crew transfers between airports / ports and the rigs